FlyHigh Yoga Teacher Training 40 HR

January 13 - 17, 2018

Discover new perspective(s) in your life, learn about body alignment and have fun with FlyHighYoga™!

Join us for 5 intense days of learning, practicing, discovering, connecting and growing with FlyHighYoga™, a new style of aerial yoga, based on Iyengar yoga alignment. Discover modern and fast growing style of yoga with the knowledge from yoga tradition.

Aerial yoga is fast growing and popular modern style of yoga, but FlyHighYoga™ is even more than that – it offers all of the knowledge since yogic origins, transformed into an attractive, fun and creative form of uplifting yoga practice. FlyHighYoga™ is a modern style of yoga with tradition!

FHY™ Teacher Training is appropriate for all, who would like to become a FHY™ Teachers and grab the opportunity to bring this incredible practice wider to the world!

The course will cover:

• The use of a FHY™ Hanging Belt
• Specific detailed FHY™ connected anatomy
• FHY™ practices & teaching methodology
• Yoga philosophy
• Spiritual practices of meditation, pranayama and mystic healing.
• The Business of FHY™

Workshop takes first 2 days and it is focused on body biomechanics and use of a FHY™ Hanging Belt. Teacher Training takes 5 days. You will learn how to teach FlyHighYoga™ to other enthusiastically interested students. ☺

Join us and become one of the FlyHighYoga™ Teachers, bring freshness and playfulness into your life and shine. We would love to meet you and for you to become part of the ever-growing FHY™ teaching team!

More information available below or on our web page

Sonic Freedom Yoga with Diamond Aura

November 30, 2017

Join us at Ubud Yoga Centre for a morning yoga practice, where free-flowing, intuitive movements are guided by live music composed specifically for the class. This uniquely therapeutic experience of Sonic Freedom Yoga invokes a journey inward, allowing one to align with the rhythms of the soul and harmonize with the songs of the heart. Each song is specifically crafted to enhance the free poses.

Key, tempo, soundscape, and frequencies are all chosen and created with intention to assist the exploration of the class’ overarching theme. The original music not only conducts the class, but too mirrors the journey as it sonically reflects the energy, emotions, and the unexpected breakthroughs experienced. As  Lihat Selengkapnya