Hopeless-type maladies?

Yoga can help arthritis conditions

Hopeless-type maladies? Yoga can help arthritis conditions. That is, it can relieve symptoms. This is not a miracle; it is common sense.

Many people think arthritis occurs because of an overabundance of calcium in the body. But there is really no overabundance. The problem is that the calcium is deposited as a form of calcium phosphate in the joint-tissue, including the spine. At that point, the calcium phosphate deposit begins to build layers in the joint–spiky crystal formations like a cactus–until no room is left for the joint to pivot smoothly in its socket. And these spiny needly irritate the surrounding muscles and nerves, and the agony of arthritis begins.
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#Rheumatism? It is closely related to arthritis. You have only to do your Yoga and you may be free of rheumatism.

#Gout is also a problem that attacks the joints. And again and again in my series of exercises, you find me addressing myself specifically to exercising the joints. If I seem to be reducing some of the oldest, most painful, and perplexing diseases to lack of exercise, you’re right. But that is what they often seem to boil down to.

Sadly, the theory seems to be that with advancing “age” one should “slow down,” “take it easy,” don’t exert oneself or do too much exercise. And if you get something like arthritis, take it even easier, don’t move, except to open your mouth to swallow the latest pill being offered as a cure. This advice is simply more nails for an earlier coffin.

Exercise, meaning daily #Yoga practice, maybe the answer you are seeking for your condition.#bikramyoga #bikramyogajakarta#originalhotyoga #yogatheraphy @yogajakarta @yoga42indonesia

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