Annoucement on Locker & Closing Schedule

( Update 12/10/2019 )

Dear Customers,

We, the entire Yoga @  42 operational team apologise for the inconvenience caused by a leak in the water pipe. Due to the repair of pipes embedded under the dressing room area, we are required to dismantle all of these areas which will have an impact on Studio operations. Renovation estimates from the contractor are 4 (four) to 6 (six) weeks. In  this  regard,  we  are  forced  to  make  the  decision  to CLOSE STUDIO for a period of 2 (two) weeks, starting from October 20 to November 3, 2019. With the many requests from yoga participants to minimize the studio closing, we will try to continue to operate on October 14, 2019 but we need to inform you that the dressing room will be smaller as it will be divided for both men and women. For this reason, we truly hope you understand the conditions caused by this work, such as noise and dust, but we will do our best to reduce  the  impact  of  noise  and  dust  by  covering  with gypsum during the work in progress for the renovation area. If you are not comfortable with this situation, we will give the  option   to   freeze  membership   for  3  weeks  for participants who have a yearly pass.

We thank you for your cooperation, patience and support.


Mony & Yoga@42 Staffs


Work schedule:

October 14-20th:

Unloading and Water proofing work starts in the dressing room area 1 (next to the hot yoga studio), the impact is that men and women will share the locker 2 area

October 21st-22nd:

there will be only Ashtanga Mysore classes in the morning in a large studio room at 6-9: 30am, with no access to showers/toilet. You can use the toilet inside the building

October 23rd – November 3rd:


November 4th:

Studio Open (limited access to changing rooms waiting for finishing)

November 7:

Back to Normal



Mony & Yoga@42 Staffs


Dear Customers,

Due to the renovation work which will start on October

14th 2019, we’d like to inform you that the renovation will  start  one  week  earlier  than  the  studio’s  closing schedule.

Our studio will be closed on October 20th until November 3rd. On November 4th the Studio  will be open, but with Limited Class Schedule (Schedule will be announced later).

During the renovation, lockers for both  male & female will be using the Female Locker (currently used for Male Lockers), as the female locker has two access.

A PARTITION will be created to separate the Male and Female Lockers.

Access for female Locker will be from the right side of Bikram Studio. While access for Male Locker will be next to Yogasana Studio.

We hope you can understand the situation and cooperate with us at the moment. Once again we apologise for the inconvenience caused and our sincere thanks for your patience and support



Mony & Yoga@42 Staffs

Yoga@42 was created to enable everyone to be able to practice yoga in the most clear and inspired way with quality instructors. We believe that yoga is the key to leading an inspired life, that is why we specialize in what we do and strive to deliver you the best yoga experiences possible.

Thank You


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